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The Timing of Rise to Eminence for Leading Politicians and other Celebrities – Statistical Analysis of Predictive Patterns in Vedic Astrology

Abstract –– The traditional teachings of Vedic astrology include many multi factor systems such as yogas (special planetary combinations), and dasha systems for predicting the unfoldment of events in time. The interpretation of Jyotish charts requires a holistic understanding, which is difficult to replicate in research studies. Research carried out by Steve Hubball found statistically significant numbers of yogas pertaining to elevation in the charts of US Presidents and British Monarchs. This result has parallels with those found by Suitbert Ertel, who demonstrated patterns on increasing indicator effect with eminence in the well-known Mars effect of Michel Gauquelin, presented in the Journal of Scientific Exploration (6) (7) (8). The present study takes a lead from these themes, and explores the relationship of important yogas with the timing of elevation of a self-contained population the most eminent political leaders of the 20th century, supported by separate data bases of other eminent persons and celebrities. Findings suggest a strong non-random correlation (P ␣ 0.002) between the nominated yoga planets acting as dispositors (over rulers) and the dasha planets associated with the time of elevation. About 15 trials were carried out in screening for this result; the odds of finding this result by chance are about 1 in 33 (P ␣ 0.03). Similar trends were observed in the eminent and celebrity charts, and a strong eminence effect is evident between the three chart groups. Adjustments have been made for inaccuracies in birth times and some judgment calls in the selection of yogas to remove sources of error and bias, adding to the veracity of these results. This provides confidence to develop further statistical research around the multi factor techniques of Jyotish, which have proven a fruitful and interesting area of study.

John Ryder

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